Whither does the Chinese language go? (Chinese Edition)

Whither does the Chinese language go? (Chinese Edition)
On the long-term research of dictionaries, grammar, translation, also between the Simplified and Traditional Chinese characters, etc., the author has a different perspective and point of view. For the current hot spot, the author has written this: "Whither does the Chinese language go? – Does the mainland need to restore the Traditional Chinese?" The book extends "Whether the mainland needs to restore the Traditional Chinese characters" to the topic of "Where the Chinese should go"; the book explains the difference between mainland Traditional Chinese and overseas Traditional Chinese; the difference between Hong Kong Traditional Chinese and Taiwan Traditional Chinese; and also the differences about grammar, pronunciation and other aspects between the Traditional and the Simplified. In the 50s of last century, mainland China had the implementation of Simplified Chinese, overseas still use Traditional Chinese. Later mainland China made a certain degree of shape modification and simplification on Traditional Chinese, which added to the mainland Traditional characters system. Originally regarded the Traditional Chinese as Variant characters in the mainland Chinese dictionary; because of the increase in cross-strait exchanges, then some of the Variant characters are considered as Traditional Chinese characters. For the introduction of the Traditional characters’ glyphs, meaning, and the history and current situation, there has a great distance to cover. Issues between the Traditional and the Simplified causing great concern for many years, it was suggested that the mainland should open Traditional Chinese courses in primary schools, the mainland has also been proposed to use the full restoration of Traditional characters. Overseas, it has also hope that the mainland can disable the “mainland Traditional Chinese".

Details Whither does the Chinese language go? (Chinese Edition)

Title Whither does the Chinese language go? (Chinese Edition)
AuthorXuesheng Gong
Release Date6th May 2016
PublisherCreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Pages254 pages

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