The Golden Age of Heroes is over: capes and vigilantism are made illegal through corrupt political agendas. Anyone with abilities, young or old, is registered with federal records. Microchip devices are implanted under the skin of Supers in order to keep track of their movements, but many defy this law and see it for what it is: a way to herd them like cattle. Supers go missing from the streets and are never heard from again; rumors spread among the streets and underground communities of abductions being funded by the city's largest corporation: Draco Industries. One Super has been in hiding since he was a child, when the Registration Act had first been put into place, due to his blue skin and crimson hair. Zeke Blackwell makes a living for himself underground in an arena, pitting his own skills against other Supers. Making every point to stay out of the public eye, Zeke inevitably finds himself drawn into the thick of the abduction conspiracies only to find that not only are they true, but worse.

Details Paragon

Title Paragon
AuthorB. Thomas Peck
Release Date10th Mar 2016
Pages390 pages

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