Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero

Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero
Maggie Cole was your average twenty something. She taught art at the local middle school and loved running. Her biggest aspiration was to run a marathon, maybe...someday. Then the accident happened, something that happens just about every day, car wreck. Maggie Cole would never run again.

Carlos Gannon was serving out his twenty in the Marine Corps, not a boring life, but with the wars in the Middle East winding down it looked like he was going to serve out his last few years in relative calm. Back home, on rotation in the States, a routine chopper flight turned to disaster. Carlos Gannon would never leave his bed again, let alone serve his country.

But they were lucky. Maggie and Carlos had each other. Tragedy is hard, but it’s better if you have someone to talk to.

Things were settling into a nice normal pattern. Hospitals. Rehab. Maggie and Carlos chatting to each other late into the night. A quiet life. The world, however, is ever changing. Unpredictable. Threatened from space, soon Earth would need heroes. Maggie and Carlos would be called to service, whether they liked it or not.

Details Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero

Title Miss Marathon: Earth’s First Superhero
AuthorJoseph Bradshire
Release Date12th Feb 2016
PublisherZeroFPS Publishing
FormatKindle eBook
Pages124 pages

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