Negotiating Success

Negotiating Success
Most books about negotiation are written in a “scientific” language, peppered with jargons to an extent that one needs to carry a thesaurus with it.

Grossmann, the author of this book, provides a detailed guide for successful negotiation tactics and practices in a lay language without any deleterious effects on clarity and/or value.

The book is a step-by-step guide for “how to become a skillful negotiator.” Being a savvy negotiator in business was always paramount, but in today’s economical environment there is nothing more important than mastering this expertise. Your organization’s success or failure may depend on it.

This book will serve you as a reliable and useful reference in many real-life situations for years.

It will help you obtaining more favorable contracts, better and higher-paying jobs, higher-paying clients and more money in your bank account – in other words, the benefits this book provides to small business owners, freelancers, solopreneurs and more is priceless.

Section one covers basic information about negotiation. It is quite important to learn and understand if you want to be able applying it to our daily business life.

Second section discusses how to apply and incorporate into your daily life what you have learned in the first section of the book.

The third section alerts you to problems and mistakes that maybe quite costly if you do not know about them, including being alert for people do not play a fair game.

This section also contains an extended chapter about such important tactics in negotiation as persuasion and influence. These skills must be part of your expertise if you want to master negotiation.

The last section of the book contains case studies derived from actual, real life situations. This section is a great resource to learn how to apply your newly gained education in real life situations.

The book will help you in becoming an authority in negotiations, but practicing will be your job.

After completing your reading you’ll see that whatever you are doing for making a living, negotiation does have an effect on the success of your agreements, contracts, employment, business deals, and without any doubt, on your bank account. it will help you in becoming an authority.

The secret to successful negotiations is finding the tactics/methods that works for you the best and master it.

Details Negotiating Success

Title Negotiating Success
AuthorJayne Georgette Grossmann
Release Date24th Jun 2014
FormatKindle eBook
Pages128 pages

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