Gratuitous Epilogue: Touchstone (Volume 4)

Gratuitous Epilogue: Touchstone (Volume 4)
NOT A STAND ALONE NOVEL. An extra for The Touchstone Trilogy. What happens when the plot ends? A relentless barrage of weddings, babies, and planetary colonisation! Meandering through the two years following the conclusion of the Touchstone Trilogy, this self-indulgent collection of family reminiscence is more saccharine than dramatic, with the most action to be found in snowball fights. For those who truly just want to know what happens next, no matter how mundane, read on for the everyday, ordinary lives of psychic space ninjas playing house.

Details Gratuitous Epilogue: Touchstone (Volume 4)

Title Gratuitous Epilogue: Touchstone (Volume 4)
AuthorAndrea K Höst
Release Date31st Dec 2011
PublisherAndrea K Hösth
Pages126 pages

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